A Rockridge Music Hub
Building community note-by note…

Non-profit music school • Professional Concert Venue • Rental Facility

Music changes people's lives. For some it is an expressive outlet. For others it is a way to stay focused on the everyday. It develops the brain and complements other pursuits. It creates a way for community to gather and share at concerts and shows, family events, and community gatherings. Musically Minded teachers share this very personal love with their pupils, old and young!

At Musically Minded you can:

  • Receive high quality music instruction and guidance from experienced and recognized instructors
  • Explore a variety of musical instruments and genres
  • Cultivate your musical persona and expression as an artist
  • Watch elite local musicians perform professional concerts
  • Rent a space in our facility for private or group classes, rehearsals, concerts, and other events