A Rockridge Music Hub. Building community note-by note…

A Non-profit music school

We know that music is in the heart of every thriving community. We teach because that “ah ha” moment, the moment when a light shines in a student’s eyes, is the most satisfying moment of our day. We choose this work because we love to speak through music and to share the power of expressing what words alone cannot communicate. We share ourselves and our stories in our music because in doing so, we create a haven where musicians and music lovers alike come to share in the joy of sound. We are Musically Minded and we invite you to join us!

Professional Concert Venue

We love to sit in the audience and feel the collective joy when the artist executes that amazing riff, or enraptures us with a musical phrase that makes us hold our breath and brings silence to the whole room before we burst into applause. We love the intimate and personal feel of being close enough to see the breaths and the expressions of each of the players as they silently communicate with their eyes and bodies, synchronize their sounds, and create the perfect blend. We enjoy the collective experience of feeling the music with other audience members and enjoying the knowing looks and the comments that we share as we “get” that we just were effected by the sounds in ways that could not be communicated in any other medium. We know that providing this experience connects our community members and believe that presenting professional concerts every month grows our mission to be a Rockridge Music Hub.

Rental Facility, Retail Store and Piano Store:

Purchase sheet music, buy or rent pianos and rent the facility for private or group classes, rehearsals, concerts, and other events.