Join us for our Halloween Recitals on October 26, 2014!

Witches, Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls! Jump on your brooms and fly to Musically Minded Academy to enjoy our Halloween Student Recitals on October 26th!

George Halloween Recital 201311 AM - 12 PM Violin and Viola Recital
Gus Halloween Recital 201312 PM - 1 PM Guitar and Bass Recital
Colbie, Micaela, and Ollie 2013 Halloween1 PM - 2 PM Piano Recital, Ages 4-6
Sammy Halloween Recital 20132 PM - 3 PM Piano Recital, Ages 7-8
Mari Hallowen Recital 20133 PM - 4 PM Piano Recital, Ages 9-11
Satya at Halloween Recital 20134 PM - 5 PM Piano/Voice/Drums Recital, Ages 12-14
Daria Halloween Recital 20135 PM - 6 PM Percussion Recital

For specific program information go here…

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