About Us

Musically Minded Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, serving the greater Bay Area. Our mission is to  build community through performance based music education. We offer private and small group instruction in many locations in Oakland on most instruments.

Music Academy

For almost 20 years, Musically Minded has a successful educational model that pairs each student with an instructor for customized weekly private, semi-private or small group lessons. Each instructor skillfully plans their individual instructional inside of our monthly calendar of student performance events. In traditional music instruction, student prepare for 1-2 recitals per year. Musically Minded students has expanded this model by offering performance and collaboration opportunities on most months of the academic year. Events range from casual to formal and have been carefully constructed create an educational arc that naturally builds skills that we believe are more difficult to obtain with lessons alone.

This educational model grows confident, skilled, content, creative and collaborate students. Our community of students, families, administrators and music fans have a “people first, music second” attitude that sounds backwards to most educational centers. We believe that students thrive in our environment that inspires connection, inspiration, collaboration and self-expression.