Adult Musicians

[SlideDeck2 id=9625 iframe=1]Since 1994, Musically Minded has offered a unique program that combines weekly private lessons with one instructor with monthly Academy wide events. This educational model has proven to be highly successful. Adults in this program get the opportunity to play with other adults and share their private lessons for rehearsals. This gives them exposure to other students and Academy instructors.

We also offer fun and engaging group classes and ensembles for adults.


How is the Musically Minded Program different from traditional private lessons?

Each student takes weekly lessons from one instructor. Additionally, they participate in an annual schedule of monthly events. Teachers tailor lessons to prepare for each Academy student event. These events have been developed over many years and bring the students through a successful educational arc which builds many skills including:

  • Inclusion in a dynamic, creative and inspiring community of peers
  • Student Camraderie/Collaboration
  • Technical skill and Knowledge of Music Theory
  • Repertoire Building
  • Development of “artist’s persona” as students learn to think for themselves and express their own artistry
  • Increased ability to collaborate and work with others with a team approach

What events are included in the Musically Minded Program?

Sunday Event DatesType of EventDescription
Sept. 8, 2013Casual PerformanceTHE "ENCORES" EVENT: Students play their favorite pieces.
Oct. 6, 2013Outdoor Street FairOUT & ABOUT IN ROCKRIDGE STREET FAIR: Six hours of performances on our own stage on College Avenue for this Rockridge Street Fair.
Oct. 27, 2013RecitalHALLOWEEN/FALL RECITALS: Students must qualify pieces to be accepted on the program for these recitals. Students may elect to perform in costume to lighten the formailty of the event.
Dec. 8, 2013Casual PerformanceHOLIDAY PERFORMANCES: Students have the option to play holiday pieces. The Academy is festive during that time with many decorations and holiday lights.
Week of Jan. 6 - 12, 2014Themed WorkshopsGOAL SETTING THEME WEEK: Students set new goals after reflecting on the accomplishments of the prior year. They may listen to recordings, watch videos, or review accomplished skills. They may meet in small groups to be motivated by their fellow students' work and goals.
Feb. 9, 2014Small Academic LabsSKILLS LABS: Students work specialized skills like technique and rhythm.
Mar. 9, 2014Performance Event with Master Class FormatDUO/ENSEMBLE CLASS: All students are paired to play in small ensembles. They attend each other's lessons to rehearse, giving them exposure to other Academy instructors. The community is strengthened as new relationships form. These pieces are performed in March and repeated in the end-of year recitals.
May 4, 2014Performance Preparation ClassOPTIMAL PERFORMANCE CLASSES: This event focuses on mental preparation as well as the importance of organizing your music and parts of your instrument (bow, sticks, bench, music stand, etc.) to ensure the ability to consistently produce polished and satisfying performances.
May 18, Jun 1, or Jun 8, 2014Recital - DressyEND OF THE YEAR RECITALS: Students demonstrate all of the skills and knowledge they have gained in their musical studies thusfar. Musically Minded Academy is known for these fantastic events featuring polished pieces performed by students of all ages and abilities.

What instruments are offered?

We carefully select each member of our instructional staff to find people who are not only talented, educated, and experienced, but who are also warm-hearted, down to earth, and community-spirited.

PercussionWindsStringsSpecialized Subjects
PianoFluteViolin & ViolaComposition
Hand DrumsClarinetGuitarMusicianship
Drum SetTrumpet Harp
Mallet KeyboardsSaxophoneUkulele

What type of lessons may we enroll in?

Lesson TypeNumber of StudentsLesson lengths
Private Instruction120, 30, 45, 60 and 90 mins.
Semi-private instruction2 students of similar level. Youths must be similar ages as well. 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 mins.
Group Instruction*4-6 studentsDepends on specific class.

How much does it cost?

Enrolled students pay tuition which includes weekly lessons and the program events. Many options are available for the frequency and method of tuition payments. Although the program continues year round, restarting in late August each year, we constantly accept new students throughout the year. Tuition prices are prorated for each student who enrolls after August 26th, 2013. Proration calculations are based on an addition of the number of lessons and the number of months left in the enrollment term.

Type of LessonTerms20 m30 m45 m1 h1.25 h1.5 hr

Private Lessons

1 student
$25-$30 per month program fee. Multiple payment options. Withdraw at any time with 4 weeks written notice.$32$48$61$76$95$115

Semi Private Lessons

2 students
$15 per month program fee. Multiple payment options. Withdraw at any time with 4 weeks written notice. $20$30$38.25$47.50 $59.50$71.25

Small Group Lessons

4-6 students
$7 per month program fee. Multiple payment options. Withdraw from long term groups after the 15th week with 4 weeks written notice. No refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes less than 15 weeks long. -$15$20$25$30$35

Medium Group Lessons

7-10 students
$5 per month program fee. Multiple payment options. Withdraw from long term groups after the 15th week with 4 weeks written notice. No refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes less than 15 weeks long. --$16$20$24$28

Large Group Lessons

11-20 students
$4 per month program fee. Multiple payment options. Withdrawal only after 15th week with 4 weeks written notice. No refunds or credits for withdrawal from groups less than 15 weeks long. --$12$15$18$21

I would like to schedule a few private lessons and see if this is a good fit!

Please note that we are nearing the end of our 2012-2013 term on August 25th, 2013. The new term, 2013-2014, starts on August 26th, 2013. In the coming weeks we will be posting the links for the new term in our enrollment site. In the meantime, if you want to enroll in lessons that start after August 26th, please contact us.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons: Students may take up to 8 lessons before they commit to the Musically Minded Program. To schedule your first lesson, either come into the Academy, contact us, or enroll online. After an intial lesson, students may enroll in the program at any time during or after the introductory period. Contact us to receive a tuition quote for your specific start date and lesson day.

I would like to see descriptions of the group classes and potentially enroll!

Group Lessons: We offer Group Instruction on specific instruments as well as ensembles for students whom already know how to play/sing, and want to work on material in a group. Our focus on 2014 is to grow our group offerings for adults. If you would like to see classes on specific instruments, please let us know!

For more information, either come into the Academy, or contact us.

Are there other enrollment options?

Some of our instructors do accept students who want to take lessons that do not include events or that have a less regular schedule. Here are the rates for these alternate enrollment types with a comparison to our program rates. Contact us to enroll in any of these options.

Enrollment Typeper 20 min lessonper 30 min lessonper 45 min lessonper 60 min lesson


Minimum of 6 lessons per quarter:
January - March
April - June
July - September
October - December



Schedule lessons at will with customized schedule.


3 Responses to Adult Musicians

  1. KT Folz says:

    I cannot find a list of your classes or ensembles on your website? Do you have any this spring? If so how do I access a schedule from the website or can you send me one to my mailing address?
    KT Folz

    • Anna says:


      We are understaffed right now and struggle to keep up to date. If you click on the “register” button on the header of any page of our website, it will take you to our online enrollment website. From there, you may select “Programs” and view everything that we have to offer. We always keep this online enrollment site up to date:

      Please call us if you need any more assistance! 510 601 5700.

      Musically Minded Staff

  2. Cathy Miller says:

    hi. Do you still have the adult pop music singing ensemble?

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