Georgianna Krieger, Saxophone

fullsizerenderGeorgianna Krieger began playing the saxophone at the age of 9 and just kept playing. She spent several formative years growing up in Denton Texas, a fabled jazz town, where she listened to all kinds of music and practiced.

Georgianna believes her weekly childhood saxophone lessons were transformative in her life and strives to share her love of the deeper aspects of music and instrumental mastery with her students. She says:

“Learning the craft of playing a musical instrument takes time and individual mentoring. True mastery takes inspiration! In my private saxophone lessons, individually tailored to each student’s needs and interests, I not only give each child a strong foundation in saxophone technique, but also talk about the physics of how the saxophone works, the fundamentals of practicing, the joy of playing with others (a philosophy of jazz), as well as musical concepts and ideas for making music part of everyday life.

For adult and intermediate players, saxophone lessons focus on creating an individual sound and developing a story with melody that can speak to the heart of anyone in world.”

Now a professional musician, Georgianna’s first musical memory is of Gerry Mulligan, so it’s not surprising that she plays the baritone saxophone in addition to alto and soprano. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in music from Uarts Philadelphia after attending the Arts Magnet High School At Booker T. Washington, Dallas. Today, Georgianna plays with the Resonance Jazz Ensemble (an octet featuring strings) Hot Air! (a saxophone quartet) and Playtime (a jazz quartet featuring her original compositions).