Get Involved

Our volunteers, interns, and donors are instrumental in keeping our vision.  Achieving our goals requires the support of the community  through volunteering and fundraising. We are extremely grateful  to those who have joined our team!

We at Musically Minded aim to foster a life-long devotion to music and the joy that it can bring to the hearts of our students, both young and old. We connect musicians and music lovers alike in the community by acting as a:

    1. Music Academy
    2. Professional Performance Venue
    3. Community Center

Music Academy accomplishments:

Musically Minded Academy harnesses the spirit of music through carefully designed programs developed to enhance the potential and imagination of every student. Our mission is to build community through music education and we aim to make our music programs available to people in all stages of life.

  1. Educated over 400 students ages 2-80 in multiple genres of music in private lessons, workshops, ensembles, classes, and camps.
  2. Presented over 50 hours of student performances open for free to the public.
  3. Connected our community through performances in local street fairs and our sponsorship of the  Rockridge District Association:  Art & Soul,  Rockridge Out & About,  Rockridge Stroll.
  4. Provided a collaborative teaching environment connecting over 20 teachers specializing in different genres, with a wide range expertise to connect and inspire one another to grow.

Community Center Accomplishments

Musically Minded Academy serves the greater Bay Area by partnering with many local art and education organizations, housing their programs and promoting their services. We also provide rehearsal, recital, and private party rental space to the community.

  1. Pioneered a networking group for local music leaders and hosted the first “Music Movers and Shakers” meeting to connect and collaborate local orgnaizations including:  Behind the Curtain Productions,  Living Jazz,  Rhythmix Cultural Works,  Piedmont Piano Company,  Avonova,  Subterrean Shakespere,  The Sound Room,  Savanna Jazz,  Popular Playhouse Concerts,  KCSM’s Jim Bennett,  Publicist Rhonda Lucille Hicks,  Twist  and Lua Hadar,  James Knox  photography and blog, among others.
  2. Hosted classes and programs for local art organizations:  Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble,  Positive Discipline Parenting Workshops, Meetings for  Center for the Living Arts,  East Bay Music Together,  Playwell Teknologies,  Mad Science,  Dragonfly Designs,  Femakazie,  The Buddy Club.
  3. Hosted over a hundred musicians for rehearsals.

Professional Performance Venue Accomplishments

Musically Minded Academy features monthly student concerts as well as world class professional musicians featuring multiple genres, world music, classical music, jazz, and contemporary concerts.

  1. Created and presented the Celebrating Women Musicians Concert Series: Inspiring Musical Excellence Through Positive Role Models. Featuring elite local musicians.
  2. Hosted hundreds of concert goers and connected them through our intimate venue and our encouragement for the musicians to mingle with the audience and educate them about the music they are presenting.
  3. Promoted artists through social media channels and encouraged the presentation of new works.

With your involvement, you will encourage not just a love for music, but a respect for the dedication, motivation, confidence, and excellence that come with being musically minded. Music has the power to draw out emotions, change lives, and even enhance cognitive functions. At the Academy, our whole team–staff, instructors, students, interns, board members, volunteers, neighbors, parents, concert goers and renters all work together to build an environment where people can connect with one another through music performance, education and appreciation. When you get involved in our organization, you are not just enhancing your own life but also helping to enrich the arts in our community. Join us today to not only add enjoyment to your own life, but also to make a powerful investment in the vitality and creativity of our community!