Ensembles Dates Times
Basics, Blues and Beyond Mondays 9/10/12 – 1/28/13 5pm-6pm
Seniors Combo Wednesdays Ongoing 12:30pm-1:30pm
Glee Club Thursdays 10/04/12 – 12/13/12 4pm-5pm
Adult Pop Vocal Thursdays 9/13/12 – 11/15/12 6:45pm-8pm

Instrumental Combo, Basic LevelBasics, Blues and Beyond

Join master teacher Alan Hall in this weekly workshop to learn how to play in an ensemble. When you go to see a pro band they are all in sync. Did you know that there are silent signals that these groups use and rules for each type of group that all pro players understand and follow? Learn these inside secrets from a seasoned pro, Alan Hall.

Check out a clip from our December Workshop

Click here to read Alan Hall’s advice on joining an ensemble…

Basic Level Pre-requisites: Students must have played a musical instrument for at least 1 year and be able to play a major scale up and down 1 octave, except drummers.

Intermediate Level Pre-requisites:  Students must play at an intermediate to advanced level, read basic charts, play major scales up and down, and know basic modes and 7th chords, except drummers.

Instruments accepted: Keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, horns, woodwinds.

Tuition: $408 (Payment Plans available upon request. New students may enroll mid session with prorated tuition. Student may also enroll in first class as a trial before choosing to enroll in the whole session.)

This class runs from 9/10/12 – 1/28/13

No class on November 12, December 10, 24, or 31





Alan Hall

Ages: 10-13
Meets: Mondays
5:00 pm -
6:00 pm



Contact us to enroll in this level

Senior Jazz Combo

This is a beginning jazz combo for musicians in their older years. At the moment we have a saxophonist, a flutist and pianist. We welcome musicians who want to learn jazz, who are of age. We are especially looking for a drummer and bass player.

If you are a senior citizen interested in joining the group, please give us a phone call at 510-601-5700, and we can fill you in on the next meeting.

Pre-requisite: Interest in learning the basics of jazz improvisation. At least 55 years old.

Tuition: Varies based on attendance



Vicky Grossi

Ages:  55+




Instructor:  Vicky Grossi


Glee Club

This singing group will sing contemporary music, providing an opportunity for young vocalists to expand their abilities through selections they know and love. Through group interaction, students will learn the intricacies of vocal harmony and advance their performance skills. The educational focus of this ensemble will also include attention to movement and performance preparation.


Pre-requisite: Must love to sing and be able to sing in tune and hold a harmony.

Tuition: $225 (Payment Plans available upon request. New students are welcome to join  mid session with prorated tuition.)

This class runs from 10/04/12 – 012/13/12

with no class on November 22

Performance times TBA

Ages:  8-11




Instructor: Pollyanna in Paris

Pollyanna Bush


Adult Pop Vocal Ensemble

This wildly popular and successful Summer  group returns for a Fall offering.

Instruments accepted: Voice!

Tuition: $280 (Payment Plans available upon request. Students may enroll mid session with prorated tuition. New students may also observe a class for free or enroll in one trial class for $31 to see if they want to join the group.)

This class runs from 9/13/12 – 11/15/12

Performance opportunities TBA




Thursdays 6:45-8:00

Instructor: Pollyanna Bush


2 Responses to Ensembles

  1. Claire Urbanski says:

    Hi there,
    I am interested in your adult vocal ensemble. Will you do the group again and if so, when will it start?
    Thank you,
    Claire Urbanski

    • Rafael says:

      Hi Claire,
      thanks for writing.

      The first meeting was last Thursday and you’re welcome to join!
      I’ll send you an email with details tomorrow.


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