Wish List

Wish List

So far we have acquired all of our furniture and most of our equipment through generous donations. But, there are still some things we need! Do you have any of the items listed below, or know anyone who does? Feel like donating something to Musically Minded for a tax deduction?

Here’s a list of things we still need:

Classroom Materials:

  • white boards
  • office supplies
  • music stands
  • choir risers


  • Pianos and Yahama Diskclaviers
  • Digital Keyboards
  • Drum sets and hand drums
  • Amplifiers (Bass and guitar)
  • String and Band Instruments
  • Orff Marimbas


Sheet Music:

  • Have music books that you do not need anymore? Donate them to the Academy. We can use them for any instrument.


  • Intel based Macintosh computers
  • Flat screen monitors


  • Large flat screen TV to be used for educational purposes
  • LCD Projector–to display videos and class notes
  • Overhead Projector
  • Midi Cables
  • Recording Equipment and Speakers
  • Powered stage monitors
  • Microphones and mic stands
  • Computer audio interfaces
  • Powered speakers